How to use INR Online

How to use INR Online

INR Online is available on the internet so neither your clients nor your organisation need buy any software.

It’s Simple

  • It can be used in a Pharmacy or a Doctor’s surgery
  • It can be used with point-of-care testing or laboratory test results.

Each day medically trained staff can check to see who is due for an INR test.

Using Point-of-care testing

  • The INR can be performed as soon as the patient arrives
  • The result is available within seconds and the patient can be given immediate advice and a printed dosing calendar to take away.
  • The whole process is done in less than 10mins.

Using laboratory testing 

  • Enter the INR result as soon as it is available and get immediate advice.
  • Contact the patient by phone or E-mail.
  • E-mail a dosing calendar and the date of the next test