Advantages of INR Online

Advantages for you

INR online is run entirely over the internet, this gives users major advantages.

  • No installation of software
  • Accessible on any computer worldwide with internet access
  • Updates happen automatically, which means you are always using the latest version
  • No more tedious backups. INR online automatically backs-up its data to independent servers
  • Patients can access their previous history and current dose online, encouraging patients to be more involved
  • Results are automatically sent to your patient management system so they become part of the patient record.

Save time and money

INR online is subscription based

  • This means you pay for the number of patients using the software, avoiding the high cost of buying a software license.
  • INR online can be combined with near-patient testing so that you can eliminate laboratory tests and run a complete anticoagulant management service in your surgery.